More than 10 COVID-19 positives per day

According to the Show Me Strong website, local health professions and area doctors, Gasconade County is experiencing a boom in positive COVID-19 cases.

While Gasconade County has dropped from the #1 spot to #2 for deaths per 100K, new cases are being diagnosed at a rate of up to 15 per day.

 Greg Lara from the Gasconade County Health Department said "At our last count today we were at approx 510 cases. We are getting approx 10 to 15 new cases per day."

Michael Rothermich, MD, Chief of Medical Staff, Hermann Area District Hospital said "Cases have definitely gone up." In a 7 day period he has seen 39 positive cases. A good portion of positives have been in Gasconade County.

Dr. Rothermich also cautioned that numbers used by the County Health Department do not include Covid Rapid Testing that is used by the Hermann Area District Hospital in testing patients.

He also mentioned that in the beginning of the pandemic, Hermann was sending COVID-19 patients to larger hospitals that had more tools to treat sufferers. Now, Hermann has 6 patients being treated here because the other hospitals have run out of rooms.

Wondering if the Big Wave of the disease is just now effecting Gasconade County, officials remind everyone to take heed of all safety guidelines.