The Children’s Emergency Funds Receives CFHA COVID-19 Relief Grant to Supply Hygiene Kits to Students

The Children’s Emergency Fund provides goods and services to children and their families in need that live in the Gasconade County R-1 School District. The fund is managed by the Gasconade County R-1 School District social worker, Dawn Grosse, and her volunteers. It is financed by community donations and grants. 

“As the COVID-19 crisis grows, and with summer just around the corner, our children will need supplemental nutrition and hygiene items not provided by the school district or the local Food Pantry. With schools closed because of the virus, we are currently feeding over 300 students breakfast and lunch. This number has doubled in just over two weeks and is expected to grow even more as families become more stressed financially because of the outbreak. Many people who were financially stable before the COVID-19 outbreak have lost their jobs or must stay at home to provide childcare” reports Dawn Grosse. “Another expense that many families now can’t afford is for hygiene products. We needed help financially purchasing these hygiene items for our students as they are expensive and not in our budget so we applied to the Community Foundation of the Hermann Area’s (CFHA’s) COVID-19 Relief Fund in hopes they would fund this need.”

The CFHA has assembled a COVID-19 Task Force to address community needs resulting from the crisis. The purpose of creating the Task Force is to coordinate the area’s response and provision of services to those in our area affected by the outbreak – folks who need services to address food insecurity, childcare, transportation, mental and physical wellbeing, financial hardships and more. “We are grateful to live in a community where our focus is helping our neighbors when the need arises” said Dustin Kallmeyer, CFHA president. “Our CFHA COVID-19 Relief Fund is financed by donations and focused on serving those in need. The provision of hygiene kits to students falls within our mission to serve the community during the crisis. We are happy to be able to help our students.”

“We are targeting to supply a hygiene kit to each child within the month. Each kit will be made up of shampoo, conditioner, soap, hand sanitizer, toothpaste, toothbrush, and deodorant” said Dawn Grosse. 

Donations to The Children’s Emergency Fund can be sent to Dawn Grosse, 170 Blue Pride Drive, Hermann, MO 63041. If you would like to donate to CFHA COVID-19 Relief Fund, you can mail a check to: CFHA, P.O. Box 62, Hermann, MO 65041. Make the check payable to CFHA and please note in the memo field “COVID-19 Fund.”

To check status of the CFHA COVID-19Task Force and learn about grant funds that are available go to the CFHA Facebook page: