County favors new phone system

Ray Scherer

Gasconade County is pressing forward with plans to introduce new phone technology for the courthouse and facility at Swiss, pending budget approval.

County officials gathered with the commission on Dec. 23 to consider the best of three proposals to bring new phones for each of the offices. The proposals came from Callabyte Technology, Kansas Communications, and STL Communications Inc. The commission unanimously voted to proceed with the bid from STL, provided that it meets parameters in the county's 2022 budget.

"We have to first see what the budget does," said Southern District Commissioner Jerry Lairmore.

The officials reviewed the bids and their details on hardware and infrastructure. It was noted that STL was thought to have the best ability at enabling the offices to dispense notifications by phone in cases of inclement weather. Concerns were highlighted over diminishing technology from the current system.

The STL proposal contains three wireless access points, enabling a strong WiFi signal in the courthouse, where it's a necessity. County Treasurer Mike Feagan said his office phone bill would be cut in half with the company's proposal.

Panic buttons and the security alarm system by CenturyLink would remain intact at the courthouse.

County Clerk Lesa Lietzow said the bid from Kansas Communications was an impressive close second in the process. STL has an in-house customer service component and caller ID.