There is no doubt about it that the coronavirus has caused many to worry about how it will affect Christmas this year. With help from guidelines and advice from health officials, a good Christmas is still a possibility.

It is a given that America will go through its ups and downs this Christmas for sure. With events being cancelled like the Riverside Festival of Lights and the Radio City Rockettes Christmas Spectacular, it seems that Christmas might not bring many opportunities for show-like events. Other normal activities and traditions are also at risk of being cancelled or altered due to the virus. 2020 could be the year without that beloved photo with Santa at the mall. That is, if social distancing guidelines are still in place. 

Despite this tough observation, there is no need to dread the Christmas season altering due to the global pandemic in contrast to previous years. There are other activities for all to enjoy that do not entail large crowds or close seating. There is still much to do to celebrate this holiday, especially in our own town.

In Hermann, Christmastime could mean a whole different ball game, or snowball game in this case, than other towns and cities in the country. Though Covid-19 will be on the minds of many, local businesses, I predict, will keep high spirits through the season the best they can to keep up and running. With the necessary precautions of course, Hermann's inevitable Christmas spirit seems as if nothing will be stopping it from spreading all around. Taking into account the continuation of this year's Oktoberfest, Hermann does not seem like it will lose many visitors or tourists this season. Personally, I am looking forward to Christmas in Hermann, and experiencing the lovely season in my little town, even if it means wearing a mask in public.

My own family is planning on wading through these hard times and trying our best to get together with those who are able. I am sure Christmas for my own kin will include the normal festivities of watching Christmas movies, playing card games, and spending quality time with each other, but it is hard to say who will be able to join us for these traditions. On a normal year, my family celebrates with my grandmother at her house, and the aunts, uncles, and cousins are all in attendance. This gathering has recently been threatened though, due to nursing home lock downs, and members of the family having to go into quarantine this year. Still, our heads are held high as we trek into the unknown future during the time of this pandemic, and I, along with my family maintain the hope for normalcy. 

Around the globe, people are encountering their own pandemic experiences, and are having to overcome this tough fight toward the security of normal everyday life. Christmas is a time representing not only peace and tranquility, but hope. Hope is what could lead us through to a wonderful Christmas season, even if it is not one of conventionality. For, the coronavirus may hinder us all, but it cannot stop the Christmas spirit.