Cathi's Corner

Tough week for Cathi on the Corner.

 I’ve been is Arkansas because my mother is in hospice. Amazing all the things that go through your mind. This is one thought worth printing.

I was thanking a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) after she turned mom on the bed. She replied “don’t thank me I’m just a CNA.” As I watched the CNAs work there is no way anyone should think of themselves as JUST a CNA. They are incredible! They turned mom, bathed her, checked on her every hour, gave her drinks and anything else she desired. One time they swabbed mom’s dry mouth with water. Mom bit the swab stick and wouldn’t release. Here’s where the skill of a CNA shines through. I’m wondering how they will get the swab out. The CNA waited and chit chatted with me until mom relaxed her death grip on the swab and easily pulled it out. The CNA knew exactly what to do. What a great profession. Thanks for all you do!

I missed the football game Friday night but oh my, did I hear about the wonderful game. Way to go Coach Emmons, the entire coaching staff and team. The pictures from after the game show elation and pride.

Along with that, the band won several awards and cross country won too. Good grief what a fine group of students Gasconade County R1 has.

To celebrate the win over the south (Owensville), the newspaper is celebrating by surprising some advertisers by putting their ads in twice. Can you find them?

First Friday is this week. If you haven’t enjoyed this activity yet, give it a try. I think you will enjoy.

Oktoberfest is here! Shout out to the Lions club and the kettle corn tradition. I remember the first time a Lion approached me with a sample of the corn. He had me and I’ve been an addict ever sense.

So Fredbird is coming to Berlener’s Health Mart this Saturday. The sale starts today but the free hot dogs, soda and fun on the monkey bus is Saturday. I know what a hot dog is. I know who Fredbird is but what on earth is a monkey bus? A bus is filled with monkeys? You turn into a monkey when you enter? The bus is here to pick up all the Berleners employees to take them to the monkey “funny farm?” That’s probably it, ha! See the ad and see you there!

There is a Bible Society next week and who couldn’t use that? A birthday party for Mary (Fegerson) Feagon, another delicious fried chicken dinner at Morrison and we can’t forget the incredible Three Meat Smorgasbord on the 13th at St George Parish in Hermann.

Take a look at the classified ads. Deutschheim is looking for a Site Administrator. Cyndi Browne is retiring and that just makes me sad. She is an incredible woman and I have learned so much from her. I will miss her so much.

The mayor wrote a good piece about being part of the community but I wanted to add one thing that is really a suggestion, I suppose. Sometimes when people want to address a discussion at the board meetings, they are told to wait until the end of the meeting where they will get their 3 minutes to speak. This rule wasn’t always in effect. The problem with it is that many times things are voted on BEFORE the end of the meeting when you get your 3 minutes. I want 3 minutes during the discussion. I want my 3 minutes to count, not be an afterthought. Many of us don’t bother with it because the 3 minutes at the end of the meeting (if you have a card filled out with your name and what you want to discuss and you turn it in before the meeting)seems like a pacifier to keep us quite. Other than that, good article Mayor.

Happy Oktoberfest and remember to be kind to our visitors.

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