Woe is me. Sick as a dog. But it’s worth it.

My granddaughters came in on Friday, so I took the day off. The day was all theirs, here was our agenda. All Hermann and 100% fun!

As always, first stop was Blondie’s Dolls. The girls now own Playmobil Spirit horses and hamsters to go with their other Playmobil horses, rabbits, school house, school busses, barn, princess carriages, unicorns, frogs, vet’s office, doctor’s office and 100s of assorted animals. And, I wonder why they want to go to Blondie’s above anyplace else in Hermann!

Next we went to Doxie Slush for Fish N Chips! So yummy and causal enough for a 9 and 5 year old to feel comfortable.

On to the “new” toy store. Espresso Laine in their new location was abuzz with activity. I allowed each of my girls to stack up the toys they wanted and we would choose one. The stack was almost ceiling high but we were able to pick a magic kit and something else really cool that I can’t remember. Way too many toys for an old gal like me to remember .

Then they grabbed their roller blades and a good time at the city park. After the park was Sugar Momma time. The kids wore their roller blades in and managed not to knock anything down. Tammy may shake a finger at me the next time I see her. Roller blades in a candy store is not a good idea. There may be a new rule posted on the Sugar Momma’s door warning everyone that skating is not allowed. If so, it’s my fault. Sorry.

Next was time for a glorious nap. I really enjoyed that part of the day.

Massage for Your Health was next on the list. The owner April is always booked up but we managed to book a massage with Rebecca Mundwiller and the girls loved it! Unicorn oil was used and my girls swore they could feel the magic as it was being massaged in. Great job, Becca!

Off to throw rocks in the river. We thought we saw a mermaid but decided that was silly. It was probably an alligator.

Off to 4th Street Pizza for a wonderful supper. My girls had to have pizza and white noodles. So what did they have? Pizza and fettucine alfredo. They ate every bite.

Almost time to settle in but last on our list? Ricky’s Chocolate Box. They could have one piece. One piece? Yes, One piece. Are you sure? Yes, I’m sure.

While sitting on the bench in front of the Chocolate Box, I realized there is nothing more precious than enjoying a day with grandchildren. I am lucky because all of that family fun was had right here in Hermann. We had one day cram packed with fun. Just think if we had a week? Thanks, Hermann for being the great town you are!

Next day…track sectionals. Wowser, did the Hermann kids make us proud! Several came in first place and even more qualitied for State. See the sports page for pictures and info. Also, you can see lots of track pictures on the Hermann newspaper website. www.hermannadvertisercourier.com.

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So after chocolate, new toys, throwing river rocks, throwing discus, jumping sandpits and running, I am sick. I am tired. But a good time was had by this grandkid loving, track loving gal!

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