Believe it or not, it was a busy weekend in Hermann. People were not afraid to come and spend time with us and I am so glad. Dad gum that water anyway!

This weekend should be just as good with Father’s Day. Many places have specials for the holiday like the Concert Hall and Wurst Haus.

Have you noticed the spruced up look at the Das Wash Haus on 1st Street? New floors, painted walls and an overall great look. Stop by and don’t forget to bring quarters.

The Stanley Cup is getting to be a little too exciting. Next Wednesday, stop by the Concert Hall to watch the game and kick back a couple of brews or if you want to cheer on the Blues at home; order your pizza early from 4th Street Pizza then cheer them on loud and strong!

I am not familiar with salvage but I think Oetterer Salvage is a new company. See the ad because I truly know nothing about salvage!

I do know about the color pink and its National Pink day on Sunday June 23rd. We are not open on Sunday so the newspaper is going to celebrate on Friday. Special savings in honor of pink on newspaper subscriptions. See the ad.

I remember when I was young on the playground one of our favorite things to do was pretend to be a cheerleader. My favorite cheer? “Bobby socks, knee socks, nylon hose. We’ve got the team that really goes. The boys have got the muscle, the teachers got the brains, the girls have the figure now let’s win the game!”

I’m not worried about the Hermann high school cheerleaders stealing my favorite cheer but I am excited about the BBQ fund raiser they are having this weekend. Go BBQ!See the ad.

Two things:

You asked for it, you got it. Crossword puzzles! Each week in the classified, you will find a crossword puzzle and sometimes a word search. Thank the folks at Espresso Laine for sponsoring the puzzle each week. Stop by and tell them you enjoy it or even better, stop by their coffee shop on Schiller, enjoy a brew and work the crossword while you’re there. That sounds very relaxing and fun!

Number 2. There is way too much fun going on in Hermann to go without snap shots of fun and people. Hermann Family Drug is sponsoring a snap-shot picture page each week. Are you in it this week? Is your neighbor? Your family member? You never know so check it out each week.

There is a man in New Haven. His wife knits at the New Haven library. According to Tony Carosella, who is working on my new “gray haired” mugshot, this man loves reading Cathi’s Corner each week. So to him: thanks for reading and have a great week!

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