After the shootings last weekend, I am proud to live where I live. In this area we have people who are “crazy” about guns, “crazy” about their politics, ”crazy” about their dislike for people or things but good golly, no one here is “crazy, ‘shoot up the community’ crazy”.

Even so, I am so glad that our little piece of Heaven is prepared for such horrible things. Our police, fire fighters, EMS and emergency services are trained and ready if anything happens. Thanks guys, I am so thankful for you. All of us “just a little bit crazies” can rest knowing you are there for us.

The election is over but results are always past our newspaper deadline. I hope you checked our website for results.

Please note that Hermann Family Pharmacy, Owns the Week, this week. Buy one, get one on school supplies! You know you forgot something for the first day of school. All parents do. We think we have everything but we don’t. The Hermann Family Drug Store carries school supplies all the time but right now is the BO-GO. So GO-GO.

Monday was my birthday. My family gave me a weekend of rest. Everything was done for me so I felt like a queen. They even brought me meals so I could lounge in my pajamas all weekend. Thanks to 4th Street Pizza and Dos Primos for the great food. My daughter even called Espresso Laine and they delivered a cup of coffee, a scone, a cookie and a beautiful coffee mug. I had a “shop local” kind of birthday and it was GREAT!

You aren’t supposed to ask a lady’s age but I am 58 years old and darn proud of it. I would never go back, my life is too good. I love my job, the people around me, my family and town. It’s nice to be an age where you are thankful and satisfied with life.

Cathi's Corner

So many exciting food events coming up. Lightning round; Ebenezer ”Stone” Church ice cream social, VFW Post 4182 fish fry, Big Spring Fire chicken dinner, Brush and Palette ice cream social, the Bethany picnic and the Back to School Bash at MFA. See the ads and enjoy!

I am loving the mirrors by the Chamber of Commerce building. What a safe addition.

Question; who thinks suddenly while walking down the street, “I am so joyful, I think I’ll skip”? Watching a child break into a skip makes my heart so happy. Oh, to be that joyful all the time. I’m 58 years old and I have probably skipped a total of 1 hour in my life. That’s sad. Look out; you may see an old, fat woman skipping down the streets of Hermann. Laugh if you want, just remember that joy made me do it!

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