Cathi's Corner

Yippee! Football Friday night and Volleyball Monday night! The band will perform its half-time show on Friday. I’ve had a peek and it is great! Sometimes I think to myself; “how can such a small band bring such a good sound?” Self doesn’t have an answer. Regardless how the ball game goes, the band is always a winner. I can’t wait!

Also on Friday night is the school fund raiser for the public school. This fund raiser costs you nothing but lets you drive in a new car! Sign up in the parking lot (gotta make sure you have a license), pick a car or truck to drive and spin around the parking lot. I want to drive a big truck. I feel like a bad a..  when I get behind the wheel of something that is big and powerful. That’s it! Seriously, it cost you nothing but the school ges money for each car driven. Thanks Hermann Ford!

Also that night is the Memorial Induction Ceremony to honor Dave Schulte. I can’t imagine a better man to honor.

Friday night is also the big tailgating event. FREE hot dogs and water will be supplied by the school for this first home game and there will be many other fun things going on as well. The weather should be nice so wear your Bearcats blue and show your support!

Need more Bearcats? Next Monday is the season opener for volleyball. This is going to be a great season. This is Phil Landolt’s first game as head coach and a packed gym will surly make him feel at ease.

Need even more Bearcats? The softball team starts its season in New Haven on Saturday and has its first home game on September 3rd.

Sounds like next Tuesday will be a little softball then a little volleyball. Whew. I need a nap just thinking about it.

Did you make it to the Rhineland Truck and Tractor pull? I swear this is about as down home, good old fashioned, wholesome fun you can get. Rhineland folk are good folk and they never cease to take care of their little village. Great job!

Looking for a nice to place to work? A place that’s right here in Hermann? A good place to work with great benefits and great co-workers?  Oh, and really good starting pay. Did I say it was right here in Hermann? Did I say it has great pay and benefits? Just checking. Oh, I almost forgot. I’m talking about Pretium Packaging. See the ads.

See the ad for the Zion St Peter UCC. They have fried chicken and homemade ice cream!

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