Cathi's Corner

What a holly, jolly weekend it was.

The Kristkindl Markt At Stone Hill was magical and the high school kammerchor sang beautifully. Check out the Hermann newspaper website to hear them. I bought a new springerle mold which made me happy. Because of the incredible taste, I bought honey from Walter Els. Not sure what he does to get his bees to make such great honey, but here’s hoping they keep it up.

The giant tree is up on the Trolley corner which means they are getting ready for the big party on the 20th. Food, drink, gifts, Santa and of course, free trolley rides are all part of it. I love Christmas on the Corner. Thanks Trolley Man and crew.

The tablescapes are so beautiful this year. Run to the rotunda to take a look next weekend and see the ad.

Christkindl Markt at Hermannhof is this next weekend. A secret Santa mouse told me the variety at the Markt was going to be great this year. I can’t wait.

For those of you who saw me last weekend in my car, stuffing my face, the German School bake sale is to blame. Eating a mini apple cake in my car with coffee, well that’s my Christmas tradition. Try it. Bring a cup of coffee and leave it in your car. Go into the old German School, buy an apple cake, sit in your car, unwrap the cake and take that wonderful first bite. Followed by a sip of coffee, bite of cake, sip, bite. Next thing you know you have eaten it all and your mind is full of Christmas joy. This year I also got an apple strudel. I brought that one home but it didn’t last long either. In fact, my husband had a slice and announced that if I wanted any, I better grab a slice because he wasn’t going to guarantee there would be any left. I can’t give a better recommendation than that!

Missing something on 5th street? An old school house maybe? If you want to watch it being demolished, go to the newspaper website and watch.

Have you filled out your entry for the giant give a way? For the  50” TV? Enter as many times as you want. See the ads.

Politics aside but…did you Nancy Polosi on TV saying that she was raised Catholic so she was taught not to hate anyone? What a great testament for Catholics around the country. Go Catholics. Go non-haters!

Ok, I have to tell you what happened Sunday night. I was riding my stationary bike while watching tv.  I had ridden enough. Time to get off the bike. While doing so my sock got caught on a pedal, no problem, I jumped up and down on my other foot to catch my balance. Balance I did not catch. Instead I caught my cheek up against my bedside table, which knocked over my glass of water in turn making my hand slide across the carpet, instead of catching me. My leg hit the fan, knocked it down, breaking it while my dog was busy licking my face enjoying all of the fun we were having. I lied on the bedroom floor a moment. Finally my 17 year old son yells, “you ok mom?” Sure son, right as rain. But it’s hard to be old and fat and biking off apple cake.

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