Cathi's Corner

Granddaughter weekend in Arkansas. Need I say more?

Massage For Your Health is having their open house Thursday. It’s a great place to scoop up gift cards at great prices! See the ad.

Next Monday is the last day to order your Thanksgiving dinner from the Hermann Wurst Haus. See the ad but remember the mashed potatoes are real potatoes, not a mix! Just saying.

See the ad and cut out the coupon for the Buy Two-Get One FREE on the dollar items at Berlener’s HealthMart. I use a coupon every week so I’ve got a lot of FREE stuff and I love free.

With all the love in my heart after seeing my granddaughters, I almost forgot something I wanted to share. I do not like government in our business. You hear about too much government regulation stifling free enterprise and basically the American way. That being said, is government regulation ruining the way we talk to our neighbors? The way we resolve differences in our community? If our neighbors leave trash on the curb and a dog scatters it should we make an ordinance for the entire city or talk to our neighbor? Do we have littering laws and wouldn’t that situation fall under littering? What about leash laws? Measure, check color, measure again, check font and measure again before putting a sign in your business window. And don’t we have an ordinance about banners advertising youth BBQs and such? An ordinance is a law. A city law.

The city is considering hiring an ordinance enforcement officer. Thank goodness! The officer can check all the streets to make sure the grass clipping are correct, that signs are not getting attention for businesses, that trash is put out at the appropriate time and that Brandt Wilkens is not being too noisy or advertising on Facebook. Calvin, at Calvin’s distributing, no more banners out of the goodness of your heart. The youth BBQs will have to tend for themselves.

Someone has to protect us from ourselves. Is it 2019 or 1984?

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