Cathi's Corner

Who is ready for a German Christmas? I am. My blood says I’m ½ German but I want to be 100% and I think Christmas is the best time to test it out.

 I dove into baking my springerle cookies. Sweet little German Christmas scenes and bountiful grapes make the most delightful cookie impressions. There is nothing like the feeling I get when I have cookies drying in my kitchen. I bake several flavors and since I learned to bake them, I feel great joy in making them. Even thinking about them makes me happy. Deutschheim is the place to go for molds and recipes. It’s so fun. I promise!

This weekend is the Christmas Bazaar at St George. See the ad and plan on being there. We also have the Spirit of CHRISTmas at Starkenburg this weekend. Jonie Loehnig playing the 1860 Pfeffer Pipe Organ and Carrie Kirchhofer-Tilly singing will be sure to light up Christ in your heart and put wings on your feet.

Another super fun activity this year, as always, is the TableScape contest in the rotunda. It always amazes me that we have such creative minds in Hermann. The tablescapes are whimsical, magical and/or elegant. It’s a must see!

See the ads for all the above but don’t forget the giant sales going on and the big TV giveaway. Have a chance to win two TVs at Hermann Family Drug and sit on Santa’s lap next door at MFA. Make personalized Christmas cards at Berlener’s healthmart then spring over to Xtreme Outdoors for hunting gifts. Check out the special Smith-Wesson gift pack that has a nice rebate so it makes for a super price as a gift. Rebate ends this Sunday so hurry over!  Blondie’s Doll’s has the new award winning space toys by playmobil. The Oppenhelm Toy Portflio Platinum Award for 2019 is a big deal and Hermann has them! Rockets, spaceships and the like will brighten any boys Christmas. And when I say boy, I am referring to the 50 year old boys too. Space toys are so fun to play with!

Want to give a gift that everyone wants? Go to BP and get a gas card. Yep, its perfect! Who doesn’t want gas? Ha, I just read back what I wrote but I think I’ll keep it in for a chuckle.

Did you know that the only Walmart in the world that pays taxes for our county is the Walmart in Owensville? Just a bit of information to pass along and think about.

Kristkindl Markt at Stone hill is this weekend and oh, my, gosh, do I love it! I think that by attending I will receive ¼ of my German blood and by next weekend at Hermannoff Christmas Market, I will receive the other quarter. Then I will be 100% German and glad of it!

Just a thought, but when I attend the bake sale at the 1871 German School Building this weekend, the apple cake (APFELKUCHEN)may take me over the top. 120% German for this gal! Yippee! Gratulation! Ich gratuliere! Wir gratulieren!

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