Cathi's Corner

Good news bad news.

Good news first. We live here! We have the most incredible town ever.

Good news is you can’t beat the schools. The school is so full of caring teachers and faculty it’s unbelievable. All of them are working hard to educate and keep students safe. There were kids with the St George stopping guard the other day and by golly, he made sure all the cars were stopped. I have no idea who you were, little man, but keep up the good work.

There were also K-9 cops at the Hermann high school doing a drill. Chief Walker said they were training and what a better place to become familiar with, then where our precious kids spend all day.

Which leads me to more good news, the police. What pride we have in them. If you didn’t get a chance to watch the Hermann police in the gun fight here this weekend, you need to pull up Dana Poe’s or the Hermann Advertiser Courier’s Facebook page. The police tried to hold off the gunmen but to no avail. The kids with water guns had that officer dead to rights. That will teach him to try and break up a water fight!

Good things to do is good news. Want a night out on the town? March 28th is the Gala for the 200th anniversary of the Gasconade County Historical Society. See the ad. If you need downhome eating there is Most Pure of Heart of Mary on Friday and after all, who doesn’t like all you can eat seafood? On Sunday is the St Patrick’s Day Dinner at St James UCC. If you have a hankering for chili, you can head over to St James Evangelical at Stony Hill.  The Hermann area has never been short of good food!

Always remember and never forget, the Mouse Races benefit the Hermann Fire Company. In plain terms, that means our town’s heroes. See the ad and watch the mice. YUCK! I just can’t bring myself to do it. I give to the fire department. I love each and every one of the fire fighters but I HATE MICE!!! But I’m encouraging you to go. Go and have a great time. I hear that it’s more about the fellowship than it is mice. Why can’t they race koala bears or kittens? That would be really good news.

With this nasty virus, aren’t we happy we have such (good news) great medical facilities? Our clinics know us and know our family. They actually care about us as humans. They have the expertise to take care of us and the knowledge to send us on to another medical facility if need be. I’m not sure this town has any bigger blessing than our hospital.

Good news. We have wine! We have whiskey! We have beer! We have chocolate! And best of all, we have BRATWUST!

Bad news. How can there be bad news when we are so darned blessed?