I’m missing Hardees already. Yes, I tried toast two mornings in a row. No, it was not as satisfying as a Hardees biscuit. Yes, I’m glad Kathy doesn’t have to go in at 3:30 AM to fix said biscuits.

Moving on, be sure and hang up the American flag in this week’s paper. The 4th is almost here so let your patriotism shine. Thanks to Hermann EMS and the Hermann and McKittrick BP for sponsoring the flag each year. I feel proud as I drive around Hermann and see the flags in people’s windows. Patriotic is as patriotic does. Hang your flag to show others your pride!

Kudos to Hermann Area District Hospital and Massage For Your Health for the great info on cancer. See the card in this week’s newspaper and tuck it in your drawer for later reference.

I made the most delicious raspberry crumble this week. Oats, brown sugar, butter mixed together. Raspberries rolled in a bit of flour and sugar, more oat mixture on top then happy eating! You can get your own berries in Hermann just see the ad! And/or stop by the Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings or Wednesday afternoons.

Speaking of no more rain and plenty of sunshine, (where we talking or just wishing)make sure you grab a freshly squeezed lemonade or shaved ice on 1st street. It is hidden and set back off the street but oh my, is it ever worth it! Go Sunshine! Go Lemonade!

The Hermann Motel has a new sign and it looks great!

FFA kids are getting ready for the fair. Before we know it, fairs will be here. In fact, a couple of sweet little girls brought by a dinner we ordered from the Montgomery Country Fair. Madison Coleman, who is a queen candidate, and Shey Mundwiller her friend brought by one of the best pork steak dinners I’ve ever had.

Actually, where did pork steak popularity come from? Growing up in Arkansas, I’d never heard of a pork steak. Is that due to where I was raised? Was it the popularity of poultry where I lived? Is pork steak a Missouri thing? A Hermann thing? I tried a pork steak when I first moved her. It was dry and had a funky taste. I waited a year or so. Again, dry, dry dry. I was done with pork steak and haven’t eaten one since. Then, who comes along? Little miss queen candidate and friend. I bought the pork steak dinner. I pay, I ate the beans, I ate the potato salad, I ate the cookie. Still hungry. I picked up the steak with my fingers. I didn’t want a mouthful of fat but as I eyed it, there wasn’t much fat on it. I dived in and tried a bite. Oh my word, it was so good. Moist, flavorful and tender. So this is why port steak is served at almost every fund raisers around Hermann. This is the reason people go on and on about pork steak. I finally get it!

A fast shout out to the Hermann parks and street workers. The park looks good even if it doesn’t smell the best. As the water goes down, the streets get cleaner and the town looks better. Thanks guys!

Gotta go, I’m on my way to Hermann Wurst Haus for a pork steak!

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