Cathi's Corner

Hello to all you strong minded citizens of Hermann! Mark these days; they will be times to tell our grandchildren about. I read today about how this graduating class lived through  911 and now a pandemic. Yep, good stores for future generations.

Some of us have had happy thoughts about this virus crisis. Is it possible the Lord is getting ready to make his second appearance? Now that’s exciting. Instead of being sad, I’m going to focus on being hopeful.

In the meantime, some of us are scared and some of us feel safe. A big part of living in a small town is knowing that big city problems won’t affect us in a small community. 

I think we can all feel proud that we live in a community that is agricultural. Farmers don’t hunker down until the virus is gone. They still get muddy boots and cow manure under their finger nails. They have tractors to fix and feed bills to pay.

And how proud are we of the local doctors and nurses?  Looking beyond their own health to take care of ours? You are incredible!

A round of applause should go out to all workers in nursing homes. Pause. I’m clapping now as I’m sure you are.

Ok then. There are several businesses in Hermann that have not closed and have the spirit of riding this out. They are taking big precautions to ensure everyone’s safety while presenting a great front for Hermann. Like soldiers waiting for battle, they do their work, entertain our guests and do the best they can. Great job Hermann ambassadors!

Whether you have a job where you must work or have the ability to stay home, Hermann always has been and always will be a great town to live in. We have it better than most people could even imagine. Again, always have, always will.

So unless the Lord does come (please, please) in the next week, be happy in the thought that our German heritage makes us strong and capable for anything the world throws at us.