So you’ve heard of fumbling the ball, a horse collar tackle, facemask or roughing the kicker but have you ever hear of knipping? As in knipping the ball or knipping on the ball? Hermann’s lovely athletic nurse wondered what the call meant on Friday night. When she heard ”knipping on the ball” she thought something illegal was happening to the ball. But no, it was Brennan Knipping “on the ball”. Getting the ball, grabbing the ball or falling on the ball. Go Bearcats and thank goodness we have medical staff who know their medical techniques if not the game itself. Jackie Engemann, you are the best!

I talked to my granddaughters last night. They miss me but they were all concerned because they needed to go to Blondie’s. They needed to get some more horses. Look out Janet. They’ll be here soon.

Fun stuff happening this weekend. Chamois Day is always fun and Assumption Parish in New Haven is having fried chicken and ham on Sunday. This Friday the Republican Party for Gasconade County is having Governor Mike Parson and his wife at the Annual BBQ. See the ads and have fun!

Something pretty special is the 175th anniversary of St Paul UCC church here in Hermann. One hundred and seventy five is a big chunk of time. Congratulations! You’ve been an important part of our community for a long time. Well, 175 years to be exact. See the ad and help them celebrate.

Do you remember last year during volleyball season, Allison Stiers was on the court cheering her teammates on? I was thinking about that during the game last week. She was like a bonifed cheerleader without the pompoms. It seems like the others on the team are picking up the slack. Cheering each other on is an important part of team work. That’s a lesson that will take you far in life. Keep it up gals!

As far as other sports going on right now, I know the that football, softball and cross country teams push each other to win but no one has a louder voice than Sam Hurst in football.

Channel 8 guys were at the football game last Friday and they were in heaven. They both came from the Chicago area and now live in Columbia. They had no idea that Hermann was so beautiful. I started to tell them about our wineries when they smiled and said they weren’t old enough to drink. Gulp

They were also in love with the hometown football feel. Their high school has a football stadium that holds 5000 people. They loved the way the crowd seemed to know the team personally and that they, as reporters, could go onto the field during the run in and coin toss. The two young reporters couldn’t keep the smile from their faces. When quarterback Chase McKague almost ran into one of them, the reporter was high. His name is Erin and he said it was like Chase gave him a high five, he was so close. The reporters were so sad they had to leave Hermann. To be honest, they probably wanted to stay and watch some more players knipping the ball.

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