Cathi's Corner

I was so sick!! Not coronavirus but influenza A. My brain wasn’t just in a fog; it was in a fog, on a plate of slick spaghetti noodles, which kept tilting from left to right and wouldn’t stop. The moment I had a thought; I would slip on a noodle, try to catch my balance, straighten myself out to find I was in the deep fog unable to catch my bearings and wondering why I had gotten out of bed in the first place. I’m better now and thanking God we have good healthcare in Hermann. 

On to other things, like love! Men, this Friday is Valentine’s day. Don’t forget your woman or you will pay for it. If she says not to worry about her this year, DO SOMETHING ANYWAY! You have been warned.

In Hermann there is dinner, wine, flowers, candy, bath products and gift cards from her favorite store. See all the ads and don’t forget the kids! They may not understand romantic love but they do know mom and dad love. 

I have to mention one novel item that Hermann has to offer. See the ad but holey-heart shaped-chocolate box-batman, what is going on at Ricky’s Chocolate box? Pure heart 



shaped chocolate containers! You take the lid off and fill it with a customized pick of truffles, caramels, chocolate dipped strawberries or any of their handmade candies. Give it to her and see her eyes light up! Each comes gift boxed so you don’t have to worry about breaking it. Just buy one and fill it to the brim with candy for $35.00-$50.00. No wonder people all over the state think of Ricky’s in little ol’ Hermann when they think chocolate.

There are also many dinners you can attend with your Valentine. Church of the Risen Savior has All you can eat Breakfast then St Paul’s Catholic Church as All you can eat Sausage in the afternoon. St Paul UCC has trivia that day too. Crazy filled day but such fun!

Please see the St George page full of exciting pictures. As always, “that school has it going on.” What a great place to have 2 stellar school systems in one community. Go Hermann!

Speaking of which, have you ever taken a good look at Superintendent Dr. Scott Smith’s wife? She looks like a Disney princess! She has the most flawless skin of anyone I’ve ever seen. If she wasn’t so sweet I would be jealous and not like her. As it is, she’s a sweetheart.

A fast reminder to Jason Witthaus. Valentine ’s Day is THIS Friday. Yes, you! Get off your lazy-boy, go shopping and get ready! Are you known to be forgetful? No, just mentioning you as a representative of all men Hermann. Love is in the air.