Cathi's Corner

Did you know that Hermann Save-A-Lot had hand sanitizer wipes for your carts way before Covid-19? I guess they’ve been preparing to keep us safe for years now. Thanks guys.

Wednesday there will be a baseball practice here in Hermann. Yes, real sports! Thanks to Coach Wally McKague, some boys from local towns are unofficially playing baseball this summer. I can’t wait to watch. I don’t know the schedule yet but just watching them practice on Wednesday is thrilling enough to head down and watch. See you at the city park.

In case you hadn’t read or heard, there is a meat shortage going on. There is also price gouging. I am not a farmer but I live in a farming community. There are several meat processing places around us so I consider us lucky. Folks around here grow their own meat or at least have processors where we can buy fresh meat. Even the local stores haven’t raised their prices too much. God bless New York City where hamburger is $14.99 a pound. That gives a whole new outlook on a sloppy joe doesn’t it?

Articles say we can turn our attention to soy based products now. Really. Soy beans are good. They are a good crop for our farmers. They feed a lot of the world. They feed animals; we get oil from soy beans but give up pork and beef for soy bean products? That is a nightmare. 

There has to be a clinically recognized name for the fear of this happening. Soy-phobia? 

SUPER EXCITING NEWS…it almost feels like normal…there is a church Ice Cream Social this weekend. Doesn’t that feel really normal? See the ad.( I love saying that too!!!!!!!!)Normal, normal, normal.

Hermann kindergarten celebration was great!  Kendra Brune and her staff did a great job keeping everyone safe and in a celebratory mood at the same time. Along with the parade for graduates, it was a pretty good week for school in COVID-land. I hope we never have to celebrate this way again. And yet, at the same time, Go Bearcats!