Cathi's Corner

Here’s a little song that goes to the tune of “It’s a Grand old Flag;” 

We’re a grand old band; we’re a high stepping band. On the field, on the streets or parades.

 We’re the emblem of, the school I love, the home of the Bearcat Brigade.

Every heart steps true for the white and the blue. There are solos and dancing flags.

May all acquaintance be forgot, Keep your eye on the Hermann Band!

Keep an eye is right. WINNERS! Again. In what has become regular Bearcat Brigade fashion. They are a sight to behold. Come watch them Friday night or catch them on Facebook live on the Hermann Advertiser Courier page. I love this group of kids. I refer to the director and his wife as “Barbie and Ken.” They are beautiful, smart, kind and so pleasant to be around. A couple of dolls directing our talented kids. There is just something right about that. In this crazy year, yes, we need something that is just “right” and I think we’ve found it. Great job band!

The band keeps marching and Cross Country keeps running. Another great bunch of kids! Well, really they are more than a bunch. Monkeys are in troops, cattle in herds, a bob of seals, an array of hedgehogs but what do you call so many runners that when you look, all you see is mass of Bearcat Blue? The XC team.

 And what is a PR? Here is some XC lingo. Pickups-acceleration during a run. Pr/pb- personal ranking/personal best. Vo2max-maximal- oxygen consumption. Bonk- The worst! When you literally can’t even (run any farther). Crop dusting- passing someone on the course while, um, passing gas. Hammer/drop the hammer- running hard when you need to. Mountain goating- walking or running uphill in a crouched position using hands and feet to climb. Roadkill- sadly, a racer who has bonked or injured themselves and is lying alongside the trail or path.

There is always so much more to a sport than we realize. 

Have you “Oktoberfested” at all? My celebration has consisted of driving through town and thinking thoughts of happiness for the merchants. I hope they are profitable and those tourists enjoy their time in Hermann.

One more song. This one is to the tune, “My Country ‘tis of these.”

My sport is cross coun-ty, Sweet sport of worn out knees, to thee I sing. Sport where my shoes are tied, shorts sneaking up my thighs, with every single step I stride, know I love my team!

Have a good week, stay safe and love each other.