Cathi's Corner

This was a great week for taking pictures of our high school sports teams. Don Kruse told me years ago to make sure I kept my camera around my neck. He had learned that lesson well when he was tackled at a football game. Not only had he received damage but the camera did too. Good lesson and its one I follow every time I have my camera out; except for the volleyball game at Jefferson City where I set it on the bleacher. As I knocked it to the floor my thought was “Don said to wear it around my neck. “ My new camera will be here this week.


I had fun live streaming some of the volleyball game on Facebook. As my neighbor had suggestions and equipment offers; I may not have done a very good job. But everyone seemed to enjoy watching the gals that always make Hermann proud. 


So I got my nerve up to stream the football game. The result was even worse than the volleyball game. Was it nerves? Excitement? As I later watched I realized we played several different football teams at the same time. How? I called the visiting football team: Fredericktown, Farmingville, Farmington, Frederickville and Fredrickson. The correct town was Fredericktown. They won so I’m not sorry. I can be hateful sometimes.

I think the most fun I had was watching the Cross Country team flying around the New Haven Park. Folks, Hermann’s Cross Country team is really good! First I have to mention the team spirit they have. Everyone is rooting for the other and watching closely as the other team members race. We all know that Dalton Gleeson is a champion runner and yes, he can in first in his race. In fact he came in way before the second place finisher, but he wasn’t the star of the team. They were all stars of the team! Dalton was just as happy for the other Hermann runners as they were him. I wish I could convey what a strong team this is. Dalton Gleeson may put Hermann on the map, as they say, but the strong tie the team has, will influence the team members forever. Oh, good job to the coaches too.


Let’s keep our schools in our thoughts and prayers as they do an incredible job this year. I had to go to the high school office this week. While I was there a boy came in looking sheepish. He said “I was feeling hot and my head hurts, but maybe I’m just being paranoid.” A school nurse took him in immediately and I thought to myself. Yes, he’s paranoid. We are all paranoid about COVID-19! Poor sweetheart. I hope he was fine, but better safe than sorry. 

Funny thing, the school staff was all smiles as the chaos descended upon them. Late kids to school, 2-3 phones ringing at the same time, people walking through, coaches grabbing papers, students bringing in notes and in the middle of it all, Roxanne is cracking jokes with the students. Love a small town.

Last thing on this very long corner. I am not advertising because I’m sure all banks do the same.  But Peoples Savings Bank had on their “Superman” capes last week when they discovered someone from the burglary last week was trying to take money out of my account via phone banking. The thief even had the gall to call PSB, say they were me and ask why they couldn’t get any money out of my account. They couldn’t answer the security questions so they hung up. The best part? The bank staff was talking about it and one teller ask what the “cathi” said as she hung up. “Bye” was the answer. That smart teller said, “If she didn’t say, ’okay then, hun ’ it wasn’t Cathi. Love, love, love a small town!


Have a good week, stay safe and love each other.