Cathi's Corner

Since I did so much “smack talk” to Owensville last week and because they won the football game last Friday; let me say a hardy congratulations. I mean that. Really.


I was able to see our HADH heroes at work last week. I was feeling so sick. After discussion with the medical team it was decided I should have a strep test and a COVID test.


 I want to let you know that it was no big deal.  A little uncomfortable but that’s all. Are you a woman? Have you given birth? Then for you, a COVID test is like having your favorite piece of Chocolate from Ricky’s Chocolate Box while being all by yourself in a hot tub with Brad Pitt asking if you need more wine.


Are you a man? Well for you, it doesn’t hurt so don’t be a big baby.


Our band won more awards last week. That Bearcat Brigade is bringing home awards left and right. If you can make it to Homecoming this week to watch them, do.


If not, the newspaper is trying our best to broadcast the football game and halftime show via Facebook live. We are definitely not professional at going live on camera but the newspaper is dedicated to bringing you as much coverage as we can during this COVID mess.


Have you voted for People’s Choice? It’s due today. Ok, we will say it got lost in the mail…mail it today!


Check out the Golf Memberships. I love the fact that it is exercise but not too much exercise. You know what I mean. Better than a treadmill for an hour. See the ad.


Check out the windows decorated for homecoming. There will not be a parade this year so enjoy the windows.

It looks to me as if there will be a giant gathering for Oktoberfest. It makes sense. People can’t fly places for a vacation but they can drive a couple of hours and see a beautiful little town. I plan on getting out if I must and staying in when I can. Prayers for all of the workers that make a weekend great in Hermann!


Have a great week. Stay safe and love each other. Owensville too! I really do mean that.