So things around her are looking fall like. Deer hunters in the woods, jackets being worn and air conditioners turned off. Except at my house. If my house is hotter than 69 degrees, something is wrong.

Have you had your heater checked out yet? Time to get ready for cooler weather. Better check now as opposed to waiting until there are 5 inches of snow and ice. And we don’t want the fire fighters rushing to your house due to a faulty heater. Or, just imagine Santa trying to come down your chimney but it’s all clogged up with a squirrel’s nest and left over leaves. And the squirrels nest has a bounty of acorns for the holidays. The squirrels, which are now your responsibility since they are in your house chimney, don’t get to have the Christmas parties they have been dreaming of all year. They had planned on friends and family coming over. Squirrels don’t get COVID so there was going to be a big shindig as they laughed about the humans getting sick. Wait, What? …better call one of the many heating and cooling places we have here.

Hate that the community free Thanksgiving dinner is cancelled. I remember when my kids were little; they didn’t want no stinkin’ turkey, they wanted pizza or cereal. How Captain Crunch could rank over a dinner that I had prepared, by hand, spending hours on with months of preparation I don’t know. They didn’t care if they had a choice of 4 desserts or 2. They didn’t understand the trauma of deliberation between cornbread dressing vs oyster dressing. They did not care that my arms were sore from whisking every single lump out of the gravy. Nope, give them a big bowl and a spoon and let them get back to cartoons. No matter how meaningful I tried to make the holiday, it never seems to go as I thought it should. So…this year, Hermann Wurst Haus dinner has been ordered, sleeping late is the plan and I have frozen pizza in the oven because that is what my son will opt for. I just know it.

So celebrate with a good old peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a can of soup or left overs. COVID is trying to get us and ruin our holidays but let’s not allow it to. Our hearts are thankful, our mouths are masked and our minds are set on better times to come.

Have a good week, stay safe and love each other.