Friday night was fun, fun, fun. The Hermann football team played Montgomery City and won. More than the win was FOOTBALL! A sport I was afraid was going to take another year to watch. High School sports are just magical.


Something else magical is happy faces walking into school. Emotions are just as high for school to start as they were for school to end in most months of May. I remember well the new notebooks, pencil boxes and new shoes. I will forever hold the memory of my son wanting to wear his new school shoes to bed on the night before his first day of first grade. I wonder how many apples teachers received last week.


We still have a few veterans who fought 75 years ago and we definitely still have wives and families of those soldiers. Let’s lift a glass to you all. Probst.


You can’t help but notice…it’s almost flu season. Good grief, here we go again you say. We can’t just have one virus to think about. Who knows what stains will haunt us this season. Two viruses for the price of one? No thanks! Thank goodness we can be vaccinated against some strains. So get your flu shot!

I got the best bunch of carrots at the Farmer’s Market last Saturday. You need to hurry on down before fall turns into winter and no more fresh produce. I know its 90 degrees outside. Just thinking ahead.


I had a meeting with DR. Kelly Gessert last week and he told me something I already knew. “Hermann people are so nice!” It seems like everyone has reached out to make him feel welcome. Great job, Hermann.


Before I close, I want to give a shout out to Calvin’s Distributing. As long as I’ve been with the paper (14 years) they are the number one school sports supporter. Not just in the paper but they have sponsored beverages, signs, programs and so much more. What’s that joke? If you can’t be an athlete, you can at least be an athletic supporter? And so they are.


Have a good week, stay safe and love each other.