Cathi's Corner

Let’s start with a correction. When I mentioned an “illegal” protest on the streets of Hermann, I was wrong. It was not illegal. In fact, the protesters had called ahead to make sure the city was OK with it. If you are planning a protest soon, here is a link that can help you be informed.

This week, last week and the week before last, Trent Anderson’s pictures were in the paper for hitting homeruns. Saturday as he grabbed the home run ball for me to take his picture, I asked him if he was tired of being in the paper each week. His response, “No, I love it”.

This brings up the point about small newspapers closing down. Yes, it is a digital world now, but as long as it’s important to have your picture in the paper, have it cut out and hanging on the refrigerator, small papers play an important role in the world. Maybe the New York Times will have Trent Anderson’s picture in their paper but probably not. However, his hometown newspaper does.

At that same ballgame, someone mentioned that our players were so big because of all the hormones in the meat they eat. One mom, Chris Robinson, didn’t take that lightly. “We grow our own beef here and there are no hormones in our meat.”  So there! Go farmers!

I have to tell you what a joy I got when driving by the Black Oak guest house that Tom and Kathy Durham own. In the front they had, what looked like, the original glass windows. They had that funny kind of reflection and where as shiny as could be. It just kinda made me happy.

It was really cool to have Scott Cooper coaching 3rd base, even if it was for the other team. Anytime an ex-Cardinal is on the Hermann field, it’s exciting.

So as of yesterday, Missouri is open. Open to what? Drink, food and fun? Coughs, sniffles and fever? Is it allergies? COVID? Summer cold? Is Hermann ready to make back some of its money lost the last few months? Maybe all of the above.

If you lose your sense of smell when you have coronavirus, just think of the great smells you would miss; freshly baked bread, puppy breath, a newly painted room, grass being cut, that horrible smell that high school athletes get, fresh coffee, your favorite wine and that unmistakable smell of tourist in the air. Here’s to being healthy and smelling all things good or bad.

In the meantime, have a great week, stay safe and love each other.