Cathi's Corner

Patience is a virtue. The first known recording of this expression is in Piers Plowman, a narrative poem believed to have been written by William Langland between 1360 and 1387. The thirteen hundreds!  That’s a long time to be patient. I am not patient so maybe it’s a good thing my last child graduated.

I’m thinking about the teachers, custodians, coaches, lunch ladies, bus drivers and especially the School Board and Dr. Smith. Getting things ready for “Back to School” (should we even have school?) how to keep the kids safe and still have an atmosphere of learning, has got to be a monumental job. So what does that have to do with patience? The entire school situation needs it! To be gentle with our children and gracious with the school staff may be hard at times but I think we can achieve it.

Have you noticed yourself snapping at others more than you normally would be? Are you a little cranky? A bit demanding? COVID is to blame. Life is not normal anymore and most of us have followed suit. That’s right; I said it “we are not normal” who could be anymore? So let’s be on our best behavior when school starts. It may be hard on us as parents and hard for the school administration so let’s make it as easy as possible for our children.

I kind of like having something to blame my bad actions on. COVID fits the bill. I know that’s the reason I’ve been cranky. I need more ice cream because of COVID. Definitely more bratwurst. I also need more naps. I also, due solely to this virus; need better books to read, more delicious recipes to cook, more phone calls from my grandchildren and more naps. Oh, did I already say naps? I have also been known to drive too fast since COVID. I respect toilet paper more than I ever thought I would and I remember the smell of Ivory soap with fond memories; not that apricot, lavender, almond, antibacterial soap isn’t nice. I also cook way more than I ever thought I would at 58 years old. I had planned on cooking when it suited me and leave the rest to our local restaurants.

Let’s lift a glass to being done with the virus, having more patience and eating out at restaurants more. Oh, and more naps.