Cathi's Corner

A veteran asked me to remind folks; please stand when the flag passes by during the parade. Yes, when the flag goes by we need to show respect to our flag. I think we are all guilty. We sit there and watch the parade, encourage our kids to grab candy and ignore our color guard as they carry old glory. Due to COVID, this year’s 4th of July parade, will not allow candy to be given out. Perhaps the parade can teach us a lesson about the good ol’ USA. Maybe this year we can teach our children that you stand and keep quiet in the presence of what represents us best, the American flag.

Remember when Shelby Winkelmann was in the newspaper all of the time? She was a great athlete. This year it’s been the Andersons. Trent Anderson has played some great sports but I want to share something else this young man has done. When Trent played football his jersey was number 1. He was also tall. There is a little preschooler who could see the tall football player and he also knew what the number 1 was. Preschool mom was able to have her son meet Trent and the hero- worship began. Preschooler even drew pictures of a tall football player with the number 1 on his shirt. Yes, even preschoolers write in journals. I am proud that Trent is a good role model. In fact, the majority of Hermann young people are very good role models.

I’ve tried what may be the best drink in my life! bai Bing Cherry is the most delicious drink. Its distributed by Calvin’s Distributing which sponsors all Hermann sports, so give it a try. You will LOVE it. But back to the Andersons.

Trent’s little brother Parker is much like Gracie Winkelmann in that they both have older sibling’s success to reach. Parker Anderson made 4 homeruns this season and I didn’t know about it. Sorry Parker, but I’m sure after your brother has gone off to college, you too, will be in the paper often with all of your accomplishments. Fact is, I bet you and Gracie will both overcome what your siblings achieved. Go Bearcats!

Did you know the state of Missouri spends more money on fireworks than any other state? Missouri buys enough fireworks that every person, newborn to 99 year olds, could shoot off seven each. We’re just that kind of people here in the Midwest.

Now, back to the Andersons. Joking! Have a great week, stay safe and love each other.Cathi's Corner