Cathi's Corner

Congratulations to the COVID Class of 2020. You know that’s how it will be remembered. Was your class known for anything? Mine was 1979, The Year of …nothing. This school year was not perfect but the graduates graduated. They are done and off to what the future holds. Good luck to you all.

If looks have anything to do with future success, the juniors and seniors of 2020 are in good shape. They all looked incredible at prom. It wasn’t just the beautiful dresses or sharp looking suits but these students have an air about them. Confidence, determination and hunger for the world. Maybe that’s the silver lining of COVID?

The COVID League baseball games are over and they certainly went out with a burst. A burst of fire that is. Games were held last Saturday, the hottest day of the year, possibly the hottest day of the decade. Well, it felt that way anyway. It takes strong youth to play steady games of running and hitting in 104 heat. That’s why this old lady is happy air conditioning was invented.

After the July 4th celebration, our little town looked really good. Thanks to all those who keep Hermann clean and tidy.

The elections are almost here. The editor of the newspaper is interviewing those he can to help give you information that might help you make up your mind. 

Have you taken a long, hard look at Market Street? There are new businesses everywhere you look. An afternoon walking Market would be a splendid time. Next weekend it’s going to under 100 degrees so that might be a good time.

Have you made it back in to the Old German School? What another great afternoon that would be drinking in the history of our area. And you’re out of the sun. A double treat there. 

Thanks to the ladies who supplied me with canning jars. I’m having more fun with canning. In fact, I find myself giggling at how much fun I’m having and how silly it is to enjoy it so much. I have much respect for those who had to can to eat. They couldn’t wait until the weather was cool to can or do it in air conditioning. Now that’s a real woman!

Have a great week, stay safe and love each other.