Cathi's Corner

Hermann is full of winners. We win in our schools. We win at sports. We win wine and bratwurst competitions. Hermann’s chocolate even won this year. We are winners! Are we winners at fighting COVID-19? YES, we are.

We wash our hands, we wear masks and we stand back from folks. We win because we don’t let this or any virus keep us down. What’s the saying? “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”  Maybe lemon wine in our case. 

Look in the upcoming newspaper issues for examples of how our town is winning. We will let you know how local businesses are winning for Hermann. If you know of a special club, church or social group that is helping Hermann win by protecting its members, let us know. 

And keep your eyes open. As the town votes for the “Hermann  People’s Choice” awards, think about the businesses who have gone the extra mile during the pandemic. Maybe they get your vote this year.

Since 1837, Hermann has been winning through depression, harsh winters, drought, flu, proabition and war. Hermann Missouri is a winner!