Cathi's Corner

Consider this fair warning.  Some “honey” you buy is not honey at all. The last time I had a fast food breakfast, (not Hardee’s) I received a packet of honey to go on a biscuit. I didn’t use it but was going to use it Sunday morning. The front said it was HONEY. Under that word was the word “flavor” was in tiny letters. I look at the ingredients to see what else is in this and to my surprise, THERE IS NO HONEY in it! Just corn syrup and honey flavor!


Folks, that ain’t right. I buy real honey from Walter Els. I don’t use a lot but I like to buy it locally. I was so disheartened with the fake honey I wanted to call him. I’m sure he has seen or heard it before. 


I can see this becoming big across the county. Hermann could sell WINE made from water and wine flavor. BRATWURST made of meat and Brat flavor. We could produce all kinds of whatchamacallits flavored as any old thingamajig. This gives me a headache.


Funny thing about football games shot live, if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s a mess. Several friends have told me that I need to know my 10 yard line from my 50. Trolley man told me he would be happy to set me down and explain, in simple words, what happens during a football game.


Regardless, on more than one occasion, I’ve been told that people across the county have watched our Bearcats because they were out of town or maybe their grandson playing. Early in the season, I had 2 people with COVID watching from their homes so there, Trolley man. Maybe I should just roll the film and keep my lips zipped.


Last weekend the youth football played. It was a thrill to watch. Third grader Micah Dodorico, who stands all of 2 feet nothing, was one of the most energetic players I’ve seen in a long time. He watched the plays intently and if he was on the side line and a coach stood in front of him; he would shake his head and move away so he could see. Youth football plays again next Saturday at the Hermann field. Games are at 9 and 11.


The VFW Fish and Chicken Fry and Raffle Fund Raisers are back; every Friday this month. Dine in or carry out. See the ad and yum,yum,yum.


Have a great week. Stay safe and love each other.