Cathi's Corner

The Fourth was fun. Period.

My grandbabies came for a visit and that was outstanding. The kids stayed with me and the others stayed at Captain Wholts Inn. They had a lovely room and great service and then this happened.

 My daughter doesn’t eat gluten so she said “no” on the French toast but ”yes” to the rest of breakfast. The breakfast showed up at their door (yippee breakfast in bed!) with French toast. It looked different from the rest. Come to find out the chef bought non-gluten bread to make my daughter’s French toast. That’s really above and beyond. I think you can pretty much count on great service from all Hermann’s lodging. We really are a great place to stay.

Saturday morning at my house came too early. Breakfast was easy but waiting until 10:00 am was not. The conversation centered on Blondie’s Dolls. Why they weren’t open yet, what new Playmobil houses they had, would Miss Janet remember them, are you sure they’re not open yet? We loaded up and headed to Espresso Laine. Coffee, juice and two toys later, Blondie’s opens. My girls were dancing and twisting around as we enter the door. If Janet gets to see children come into her store with as much joy as my little girls had, she has the best job ever!

Sugar Momma’s after that, then home for a lunch they didn’t want to eat (too much Sugar Momma’s?) and play time with their new toys! I watched them play, took pictures and video and suggested naps. How quickly I turned from the best grandma in the world to the biggest party pooper in the world. Fine, I took a nap all by myself while watching the girls play. 

Later, after many situations of mermaids having babies, monster destroying homes and merchildren going to human school, we headed downtown for the parade. My youngest girl saw the police heading the parade with its lights flashing and siren blaring and announced there was a bad guy in town but not to worry the police were arresting them. “No it’s the start of the parade”, “okay but is the bad guy going to be in parade too”? “No, there is no bad guy”. “Yes there is grandma Cathi, look” as she pointed again to the police car. Her eyes were wide as the Hermann police car passed us on the street.

Next it was off to the Amphitheatre for the concert. The girls wanted to know what kind of music we would hear. Country? Rock? Rap? I told them it was more like band music they could relax to and some would sound like a marching band. “Oh, American music”. Yes, dear one, American music.

Everyone enjoyed the incredible fireworks display. I had promised Ricky’s Chocolate Box but they were closed after the fireworks. We can go there first next time. A great sleep was had by everyone and they slept past 6:00 am the next morning.

Best part? All local, all fun, all local, all safe, all local while making great memories with grandma.