Cathi's Corner

St James UCC had their “thinking caps” on this weekend. They did not let COVID stop them. Their annual fun time was continued but instead of open air ice cream, they served ice cream in containers to take home. Excellent job!

So I turned on the national news this weekend and Lake of the Ozarks was everywhere. I am glad businesses were making money but afraid for the people. Same thing here in Hermann, glad if businesses were making money but worried about the tourist. More worried about people bringing the virus to Hermann. And I’m really worried about Hermann people getting sick. I’m selfish like that sometimes. 

I also read an article about B&Bs. Those that were opened to make a fast dollar are having difficult time making money during this pandemic. First off, who would know that better than Hermann?  Secondly, the real estate market may boom. 

I was thinking about how lucky we are to have reputable realtors in our area. 

Then I started thinking about the B&B owners that have been here a long time. 

These business owners are not fly by night but business owners who have dedicated their lives to making people feel welcome in Hermann. So I raise my glass to Frank, Terry & Peggy, Olin & Linda, Tom, Brandt, Chuck and Betty, Larry & Linda and many, many more.

That made me think about how many swell people we have in Hermann. From trash collectors to bar keeps to pharmacists to business owners. We are blessed. 

Then I started thinking about the election. Remember the law of inertia? An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion. We have some “in motion” people running for city office. See the ads and VOTE!

Then I started thinking about all the volunteers that serve our city. Mary, your work for Maifest will not be forgotten. Jaycees, you always do so great things. Mom and dads go that extra mile in Hermann and the numbers of older folks that are wise to the history of Hermann are always lending a hand. You can’t beat the Hermann fire Department and they are all volunteers! Thanks, you are what make Hermann so grand.

Then I started thinking that I needed to stop thinking. And so I will.