The Mayor’s Report

by Dr. Robert Koerber 


Fellow Hermann citizens, unless there are additional un-foreseen decisions, this will be my last article as your Mayor printed in the Hermann Advertiser Courier. I want to thank the AC for the opportunity to communicate with the citizens of Hermann over the past four plus years. Most importantly, I want to tell the citizens of Hermann how proud I have been to serve as their Mayor. As many people know, I am not from Hermann; my wife and I decided to retire here and did. We did not settle here so I could become Mayor, we wanted to slow down and enjoy life. I was asked by local citizens to run for mayor. I was elected. When given a job I always put 110% effort into it and that is what I have done with this one. Although I am not a politician, I have noticed that politicians come in two general types; the type that makes decisions to get reelected and accomplishes very little and the type that cares little about getting re-elected but focuses on how much they can accomplish for the benefit of the people. The latter is my style. That style has a tendency to upset a few people here and there. President Truman once said that making the tough decisions always makes somebody mad at you.


I have done my best and worked my hardest to help our community. Now I feel it is time to hand the reins over to someone else who can continue the progress. I am proud of what my administration has been able to accomplish for the people of Hermann. Both current candidates have lived in Hermann for a long time, so I will leave it to them.


This is not political it is factual. I am simply listing improvements made in the last four years. The Aldermen and city workers can be very proud of the following: the operating and infrastructure problems with our utilities were corrected and they are all operating smoothly and profitably; about 50 new retail businesses have been opened; our retail sales revenue is the highest ever and our tourism; as calculated using the lodging tax paradigm; has broken new records every year; city parks have been improved; the swimming pool has been upgraded; a new kiddie pool was built; newer and safer children’s playground equipment was added; a lighted youth basketball court was built; the baseball field restrooms and concession stands were completely renovated; our caboose has been renovated by a volunteer committee; our 1906 fire house renovation was finished in 2017; a half- million dollars of new sidewalks were built downtown; the Veterans’ Memorial Parkway has been completed by hard working volunteers;   fiber-optic communication has been installed city wide; an 18 year plan to re-build all of our streets has been started; a new state-of-the-art library will be built in the old ALCO building; a new AT&T cell tower has been started; and helpful city ordinances have been passed for sign control, city bus regulation and safety for tourists staying in our lodging establishments.


When I leave office, Sherron and I plan to take the time to visit our children, trout fish and enjoy our free time in Hermann. Again, I am forever grateful and appreciative for the confidence you have placed in me to run your affairs. I worked hard and did the best job I know how to do to make you proud of your city and now I think it is time for someone else to step forward. Thank you again!