1880 139 years ago

Born on the 18th inst. to the life of Dr.Ettmueller, a girl.

Died in Hermann on the 22nd instant, Mary, infant daughter of Fred Witte.

Died in Hermann, Elizabeth, infant daughter of Bernardt Schildmacher.

The steamer "Hope" just received a new coat of paint, and a general repairing. She and the newly finished "Favor" forms a little flotilla which is a source of just pride, not only to their owners but to the town in general.

Heckmann and Godley have fitted up a neat ladies parlor on the west side of the St. Charles Saloon. It is retired and quiet, and the ladies all know how John delights to serve them.

1889 130 years ago

The most sensible thing the people of Herrmann can do during the warm weather is to wait for cooler weather with patients. The act of waiting requires neither mental nor physical effort.

One Monday evening a well-known citizen started for his office with an advertisement offering a reward for the return of his cow, which had strayed away from the fold. Somehow or other the animal got a pointer about the ad and returned to its palatable stable before the paper was issued. This should convince the public that the Advertiser Courier is the best advertising medium in the West. Good results are guaranteed in no tedious delays can possibly occur.

1939 80 years ago

Miss Mildred Ruediger and class of 15 of her piano's pupils, rating ranging from 7 to 16 years old, gave a piano recital at Miss Ruediger's home here last Friday evening.

The Missouri River, which had reached a flood stage, fell 8 inches yesterday and is still receding.

Gus. Fischer bought a new Buick.

Two hobos got the best of a half-dozen Hermannites . The fellows claimed they were broke, but showed some diamond rings, one ring at a time, and ask to get a loan. The rings look good and the local ones thinking the rings"" hot (stole) were willing to risk a little, some of dollar, others as much as five dollars. The bums got a half dozen or more loans here. Shortly afterwards, the sharp ones, who thought they had made good investments, found the rings discolored their fingers and some had their investments looked over by jewelers and found they had paid high prices for dime store jewelry.

1979 40 years ago

Hermann is one of 116 governmental units in the state that have applied for outdoor recreational grants, according to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. Hermann has requested a $10,000 grant for city park development. The project would involve construction of a basketball court that could be flooded in the winter for ice-skating.

Stories of gas lines that stretch for blocks, odd-even rationing plans, and panic buying all seemed very remote to most Hermann area residents until this weekend. On Saturday, the energy crisis paid a visit to Hermann. Only one station, East Hill Derby, was open for business. All other stations were displaying prominent "out of gas" signs. At Derby, the line was often five and six cars deep on both sides of the pumps.

" The Pommer-Genter House, a state historic site on Market Street near the City Hall, is now open for tours from 10 AM to 4 PM Wednesday through Saturday.

1989 30 years ago

Noris Fridley, area real estate dealer that sold out and disappeared last February, has waived extradition and will be returned to Missouri as soon as arrangements can be completed, Mary Jenkins of the Missouri Atty. Gen.'s office said yesterday.

Greenfield Research Inc. has moved its Jefferson City operation to Hermann and expects additional production equipment from Ohio this week, local manager Curley Powers said Monday.

The old and new electric rates. Residential service rate: pld rate;five dollars per month, customer charge, +5.1 cents per KWH. New rates; 6.25 per month customer charge, +6.38 cents per KWH.

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