1880 139 years ago

Mr. Eugene Nasse has just received a full line of agricultural implements from the East. Farmers desiring to purchase anything in this line will find the best and largest selection at his store and prices as low as anywhere else. Give him a call.

We have a remedy and positive cure for Cartarrh, diphtheria, canker, mammoth and headache in Shiloh's Cartarrh Remedy. A nasal injector free with each bottle. Use it as if you desire health, and sweet breath. Price $.50. Sold at all druggist.

A new swindle is now being used by certain parties for the purpose of fleecing the farmers. A man rides up to the farmer's house and, after entering, presents himself as a census worker, puts questions in regard to the number of members of his family, stock, crop, etc. and enters his answers in his list. He then lets the farmer sign his name to the same and departs. In a few months the farmer finds there is a note with his genuine signature in the hand of a banker or some other "innocent third party" and he is called upon to pay it.

The note-- blank is part of the list and covered with a sheet of paper upon which the crop report etc. was written and afterwords removed and the note filled out with any amount for which the swindler thinks he will find a purchaser. Farmers should be careful not to sign anything a stranger might ask them to, even if he does pretend to be an officer of the law. A real census officer however will not ask them to sign any document as it is not part of his duty. If a man wants to know how you write your name, spell it and let him put it down himself and you will not be so easily victimized.

1889 130 years ago

A courier who arrived at Bismarck Dakota on the 10th from the standing rock agency, stated that Sitting Bull, who had been dangerously ill with pneumonia, was slowly sinking, and no hopes were entertained of his recovery.

We have not heard anybody say what the Hermannites are going to do on the Fourth of July.

A couple of Italian musicians paid our town to visit Monday and gathered in what spared dimes and nickels our people were willing to give them to stop playing their musical instruments.

1939 80 years ago

Mrs. Florence Koch wife of Ben Koch of Koch's filling station on Highway 50, about 2 miles south of Drake, has embarked in the business of commercial canary raising. She has 17 singing canaries and several canary cans about to have little broods..

1989 30 years ago

We've been waiting for this for a long time said Mayor Robert Kirchhofer - at the Monday night meeting of the city council as he accepted the resolution that authorized signing the final settlement of the Herman Sikeston lawsuit over an electric power contract. The action has been pending for over five years.

The suit was filed by the city of Sikeston in 1982, and alleged that Hermann was indebted to Sikeston for the cost of electricity delivered to Hermann under a power sales contract signed in 1976 by the Hermann city Council.

Support for airport development was indicated by the presentation of a check for $6400 to Mayor Bob Kirchhofer by Otto Klein

Strassner's Furniture and Upholstery presents the grand opening of their Riverside Furniture Gallery.

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