Mayor's Report

One of our most successful Oktoberfests has come and gone with very little fuss and very few problems. Casual observers would say that while we may have had slightly fewer people on the streets, they seem to be more mature, spend more money, and cause less commotion. These visitors seem to appreciate our beautiful city for what it is. We are glad to have such a large group of visitors and hope they will all come back many times. We have not relaxed our standards to attract these people quite the contrary we have held our standards high and these visitors seem to appreciate that.

City business meetings, namely BOA meetings, have become far more efficient, less contentious and quieter than they were several years ago. This does not mean you cannot attend and participate. By following the guidelines, more business can be transacted with less time wasted on distractions. We are trying to represent all citizens fairly and equally and I am glad we have transformed the city business meeting in this way. This is a positive step in helping Hermann develop as a community.

Since January 1, 2019, the City of Hermann has:

Passed an ordinance to rebuild our city streets resulting in voter approval. 

Passed a licensing agreement with Callabyte Technology to build and operate our state-of-the-art high-speed fiber-optic communications network. 

Passed a sign ordinance that has been in a state of limbo for eight years. 

Passed a transportation ordinance that puts rules, requirements and regulations in one section of the city code making them clearer and easier for everyone to understand and follow. 

Operated all city utilities in the black for the third straight year.

Passed an ordinance transferring our municipal court to the municipal division of the circuit court, saving money. 

Received a $100,100 grant from MoPEP to be used by our electric utility. 

Received our annual hydroelectric credit that has doubled to $130,000 this year.  

Received a $650,000 grant from MoDot Aviation for the rebuilding of the runway apron at Hermann Municipal Airport. This improvement will create an airport that is attractive to private pilots and their families. Hopefully these visitors will stay with us and patronize our local businesses.

Nearly completed work on significant improvements to electric substation three, which will allow better reliability.

Reached a tentative agreement between the electric company and the Messmer Senior Center to complete a circular loop which will improve reliability for customers in the west end of the city including See-Tal. 

Completed the rebuilding of Epple-Fricke Road in See-Tal and it is beautiful. Thank you street department and West Paving.

Callabyte Technology continues to install fiber optic cable throughout our city. Many customers are now fully installed.

Installed  large circular convex mirrors at the intersection of 18th St. and Highway 100W and at the intersection of Market Street and 2nd Street. It is now easier to see oncoming traffic at these extremely dangerous intersections. 

Worked to connect more houses in the See-Tal subdivision to our city gas line. This will reduce their utility costs and increase economies of scale for the city gas company. 


Please remember, as I said in my last article, one of the most important duties of City Government is to find ways to involve our citizens. Please get involved and make a difference. 

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