Free 2019 Tax Prep Assistance for  Low Income Filers Now Available

Stimulus checks from the U.S. Government will soon begin to roll out to Americans to help offset expenses during this time of crisis caused by the COVID-19 virus. The U.S. Treasury will use your 2018 tax data (if that is the last filing) or the 2019 filing data to determine the amount citizens will get under the plan. Volunteers Bartow Molloy and Susan Stiers recognized the need in the Hermann community of low-income individuals and families to get their taxes filed in order to receive a stimulus payment. “Many people don’t make enough money to file taxes so we wanted a way to help them get their CARES Act check. These are the people that need help the most” said Susan Stiers, director of the program.  Susan and Bartow contacted local tax preparers to assist those who need help getting their 2019 taxes filed. Additionally, several qualified citizens called to volunteer their help. “In order to qualify for the free assistance, the filer should have a total annual income under $36,000” reports Susan. “Also, it’s important to note that at this time, it is not clear whether citizens who only have social security income will need to file a tax return in order to receive the stimulus payment.”


If you would like to receive a questionnaire regarding your taxes, please call 573-486-0158. Forms will be mailed and will need to be returned by mail for processing. The Tax preparer will file your EZ 1040 tax form online from the information received. This service is free to anyone making less than $36,000 who wants to ensure they receive their stimulus check.


This is an important service to our community and we’re so lucky to have citizens like Susan and her volunteers to search out ways to help their neighbors. We all need to stick together in this time of crisis” said Mark Wallace, City of Hermann Administrator.