Hermann’s Proposition New Streets sales tax passes

Mayor Bob Koerber shows off the final tally of Hermann’s special election concerning Proposition New Streets, an 18-year plan to finance the repair and replacement of Hermann’s streets, curbs and gutters.




With the addition of broadband internet as early as this fall, another cell tower on the way, record tourism tax revenues and City utilities in the black for a second year, the City of Hermann has been on a roll lately. That momentum carried over into the special election last week as voters went to the polls last Tuesday to decide if the City should impose a 7/8th of one percent tax on all retail sales transactions in the City for repair and replacement of streets, curbs and gutters. When the polls closed, County Clerk Lisa Leitzow’s office tallied the votes with 351 votes (57 percent) for the tax and 260 against (43 percent). Hermann will get new streets and city visitors will help foot the bill.

Breaking it down, Ward 1 (East side) showed 147 votes for the tax (52 percent) and 134 against it (48 percent). Ward 2 (West side) had 172 votes for the tax (59 percent) and 119 against it (41 percent). There were 39 absentee votes with 32 of those going for the sales tax.

“As I reflect on last Tuesday’s election and the large margin of victory, I think of the future of Hermann,” said Mayor Bob Koerber. “For the next 18 years we will have a plan in place and the funds available to continually rebuild all of our streets the way they should have been built in the first place—the right way! The new streets will look better, last longer and be easier to work on when they will eventually need work in 25 or 30 years.”

He said the maintenance will not require extensive rebuilding, nor incur the cost of base rock and sub-surface establishment.

“Many of us will not be around in 18 years but we can be happy that we will always be part of the solution!” he concluded.

Money for starting the first projects will not be available until after the first of the year, but some exploration street probes will be taken as early as this week, according to the Mayor.

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