Letter to the Editor

Thank you. These are two simple words that cannot fully express how the City of Rosebud is feeling. About a week ago, Rosebud’s beloved Chief of Police, Mason Griffith #5300/503 ended his watch. The level of loss in the community of Rosebud is palpable. He was everything you could want in a chief and more and with Mason, “Rosebud always came first.” I did not think that anything could help heal our hearts, but the outpouring of support from surrounding communities and even across the United States was more than I could have imagined. This man, who was one of the most selfless and dedicated people to have ever worn the badge, was honored in a way in which left our small town in awe.

The City of Rosebud will be forever grateful to each of you who honored our chief. Rosebud may be a very small town, but Chief Mason Griffith’s impact on this town and in this world is far and wide. As I said at the funeral, please consider living as Mason did, thinking of others first and above all, being kind to everyone.