Hermann’s Art Council held their first “Paint the Walk” activity at the Clara Eitmann-Messmer Amphitheater from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Kathy Durham said there aren’t that many activities going on in town for kids so it was a great event because both kids and adults could paint together.

“It was the perfect day for them to come out and be creative,” she said.

Pint-sized artists and some adults were settled in for some serious painting, the resulting art being whatever those little minds were conjuring up at the moment.

The Ulett-Smith family from Warrenton was over for the day because the Paint the Walk looked like a great family activity. Two-year-old Alina Lee who was visiting the family from Seattle, Wash. was busy painting on demand. She wanted to paint a cat, but when her grandmother mentioned a pumpkin, it was coming right up. With Halloween on her mind, she went for the black paint. Then it was goodbye cat, goodbye pumpkin, goodbye everything, the brush loaded with black paint consuming everything in its path, until it resembled a dark rain cloud, like the one building west of town Saturday afternoon.

The rest of the family were working on their own art, choosing pets as a theme. 

“We’re trying to keep her (Alina) within her area,” said mom, knowing the two-year-old had a penchant to move any which direction, Tasmanian Devil-style, with brush in hand.

The A-C asked Art Council President Jeff Ansell and member Kathy Durham what she thought the kids were thinking when they grabbed a brush to get creative.

“Every kid loves art,” he stated. “It’s a good way to get out, paint and not get in trouble.”

“They want to go home and paint their sidewalks!” Kathy answered. “They were having fun—I can’t believe how much the [Cub] Scouts got into it—they were going crazy.” 

Cub Scout Pack 216 not only participated in Paint the Walk, they supplied food and drink to hungry young artists. 

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