Ray Scherer

Both the city of Hermann and Gasconade County set their annual property tax rates following public hearings that were held last week.

Hermann city officials reviewed the tax rates as part of a regular meeting on Aug. 24 at City Hall. City Clerk Tricia Heaney said the state chose not to raise Hermann's tax rate ceiling again this year, with the rate -- as it did for 2019 -- remaining as follows: General Fund, $0.3625 cents per $100 valuation; Park, $0.0093 cents per $100 valuation; and Band, $0.0102 cents per $100 valuation. When combined, the total rate comes to $.3820 cents per $100 of assessed property valuation.

Heaney reported that since Hermann's total assessed valuation grew by $578,768, the city's total revenues will increase by $2,210.89 over last year. She said the total tax revenue generated is $160,123.64 for this year. comprised of $151,949.79 in the General Fund, $3,898.30 for Park, and $4,275.55 for Band.

"It's not a big revenue source for us," she told the board, which later approved the rates.

No members of the public spoke at the required public hearing for the property tax rates. The city's current fiscal year began July 1. Total assessed property valuation for Hermann in the current tax year is figured at $41,917.183, over the $41,338,415 of a year ago. Included in that overall total assessed valuation for the current tax year is $31,958,980 in real estate and $8,524,137 in personal property. The remainder is composed of smaller valuations in local and state railroad and utilities' property.

Gasconade County Clerk Lesa Lietzow said the Gasconade County Commission last Thursday adopted this year's property tax rates as presented, at $.1677 cents per $100 of assessed valuation for the General Revenue Fund and $.2614 cents per $100 of assessed valuation for the Road and Bridge Fund, for a total rate of $.4291 cents per $100 of assessed valuation.

Lietzow reported the 2020 rates will produce $323,072 for General Revenue and $520,738 for Road and Bridge, for a total of $843,810. Gasconade County's grand total assessed valuation in General Revenue this year is $255,247,785 and $248,175,376 for Road and Bridge.