County clerk, staff prepared for election

Ray Scherer


Gasconade County Clerk Lesa Lietzow has announced a variety of preparations she and her staff have made in advance of the Tuesday, June 2, election.


Like all other Missouri county clerks and election authorities, Lietzow has had to account for certain precautions on behalf of polling places, the courthouse, and voters due to the ongoing corona-virus pandemic.


"It's finally going to happen," she told the Advertiser-Courier, reflecting the delay from the originally scheduled election date of April 7 because of concerns stemming from the virus. "I have all the election judge positions filled."


Gasconade County will have teams of four election judges -- for a total of 56 -- at each of the 14 polling places in operation next Tuesday, said Lietzow. The rural polling places of Little Berger, Swiss, and Stolpe will not be open, since there are no issues taking place in those communities for this particular cycle.


In advance of the election, the county clerk's office is providing information to each of the judges to ensure safety requirements are being met in relation to COVID-19. The judges are receiving bags with the necessary protective items that will be needed and used during the voting. All items, except for used face masks and floor tape, are to be returned at the end of Election Day.


The bags contain four cotton face masks; four plastic face shields; two social distancing posters (one for front door and the other elsewhere); social distancing tape for floors and sheriff's tape for easy measuring; Clorox disinfectant spray with box of cleaning cloths; two hand sanitizer spray bottles; one bottle of hand sanitizer gel; four plastic baskets, with one for clean ink pens, one for clean Sharpies, one for pens to be disinfected, and one for Sharpies to be disinfected.


Judges are being instructed to use Clorox spray throughout the day with the cloths to wipe down voting booths, tables, chairs, door handles, and other surfaces. The judges are being instructed to not spray voting tabulators.


Upon leaving for the day, Lietzow said the judges should pack their Plexiglass table shields in boxes that will be provided to them, and using the tape strip provided to them. The judges will then store the boxed shield with a cart and booths.


Lietzow said the area of the polling place the judges will use on Election Day -- including the kitchen and bath areas -- will be professionally sanitized on Monday, June 1.


Election Night itself at the courthouse will become a different scene than in the past because of the corona-virus, she said.


"There will be limited access to the building," said Lietzow.


Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft stopped by the courthouse on May 18 to deliver the polling place supplies to Lietzow.