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With Fourth of July skies threatening rain, there was much trepidation about the events the City had planned for this year’s patriotic celebration. The Wednesday night concert with Steve Leslie and Friends, the night before, went off without a hitch and this Washingtonian put on a great show according to those in attendance down on the Riverfront. As luck would have it, the rain stayed to the north and west for the 5K Firecracker Run sponsored by by Hermann Area District Hospital (see results).


5K Firecracker Run Results


Men’s Division

1st . . . . 23:37 - Michael Rothermich 

2nd . . . 23:40 - Alex Rothermich

3rd . . .  24:47 - Shaun Turnbull

4th . . .  25:17 - D.J. Salisbury


Women’s Division

1st . . .  26.41 - Alaina Worland

2nd . . . 28:09 - Manda Rucker

3rd . . .  28:34 - Glenda Cohen

4th . . .  28:58 - Joan Hermeyer


Youngest runners: Kennedy Schwenk and Ty Norris, seven years-old

Youngest rider: Caroline Kessler


For the glass-half-empty folks, it looked like the parade would be a washout with threatening storms peppering the area. Raindrops  were pelting people and parade floats as worried faces looked at the sky up on 8th and Washington. Parade Grand Marshall Sam Sheldon and his wife Melva were situated in a fine horsedrawn carriage staying out of the rain. Down at the Riverfront area, it poured, as kids scattered for the pavillion to continue their games under the shelter. 

Then down on Schiller and First Street,  the skies brightened and sirens could be heard in the distance. The parade was on! And it was a grand parade with over 30 entries. From waving dignitaries to horses, tractors, floats and “rolling carbon,” this parade had a little something for everyone. Kids lined the streets as candy was thrown from the floats into the spectator crowd. Everybody got into the spirit that only a small-town patriotic parade can provide. 

Due to the flooded amphitheater area, the Hermann City Band held their July 4th concert in the Hermann High School auditorium. Under the direction of Carl Bounds, the 40 plus musicians took the stage and pumped the audience for an hour with rousing marches and overtures. The well-attended event was an opportunity to hear once again the quality of this group of dedicated musicians. It was a well rehearsed band with an excellent percussion section and an accomplished piccolo player. With tubas, french horns, trombones, trumpets, saxophones, clarinets and flutes, this band played the marches of all the armed forces, requesting veterans stand when they heard their particular march. The applause was gratifying, perhaps more from the audience, than for the veterans themselves. With a rousing rendition of “The Stars and Stripes Forever,” to close out the performance, the band members stood as they played and Band Leader Bounds gave generous overture gestures to the band, thanking them for a performance well done. The crowd left on a patriotic high to continue their family and community fireworks celebrations around town. 

By this time the rain had moved on and with the threat over, the community and out-of-towners enjoyed a great fireworks show down at the Riverfront. By all accounts, it was a fun, safe and successful Fourth.


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