The Gasconade County Commission met with Commissioner Jerry Lairmore,  Southern District Commissioner Jerry Lairmore, Northern District Commissioner Jim Holland at the Owensville City Hall beginning with Pledge of Allegiance.  Attendance: Jerry Lairmore, Present:  Jim Holland, Present:  Larry Miskel, Absent.


Road concerns and complaints

With the absence of Presiding Commissioner Miskel, Commissioner Lairmore agreed to serve as Presiding for the day. With the Road Department out working on asphalt projects, the Commission did not hold a session there this morning. Both Commissioners said the chip and seal work looks good on Price Road. Commissioner Holland said Road Department is ready to start building up the base on Frene Creek road for that eventual chip and seal project and Commissioner Lairmore said Holzschuh will be the next road.  Cave Hill and Ruskaup Roads are also getting new asphalt now.

Commissioner Lairmore mentioned that MoDOT will have to consider repaving both Hwy's. T and V after the Bourbouse River bridge project is done as they are getting a lot of extra traffic. Commissioner Holland had reports of signs missing on Peace Valley Road and there is a request for a sign at Gascony Village by Dale Maune. Commissioner Lairmore had complaints on Farris, Bomback and Cedar Branch Roads.

The Commission received request from Harbison Walker International for a variance for proposed mining on their two-acre site on Canaan Road which will be within 50 ft. of the road right‑of‑way. The Commission also received notice from MO Dept. of Conservation of their plan to offer reimbersments to the County in 2020, for rock placement on the county roads that lead to their access points and acreage. Lastly, Clerk Lietzow provided the Commission with some email correspondence she had with Kim Tipton, BRO project manager at MoDOT and with engineer Rob Conaway at Archer‑Elgin regarding project status and the next step.

The Commission will open any bids received for the Rosebud Road project next Thursday. There was no pre‑construction meeting on‑site this time as attendance at prior offerings has not been necessary.

Joe Hendon appeared before the Commission to talk about the detour route MoDOT is using while the Hwy. T bridge is being replaced. Herbert and Hog Trough Roads definitely need more attention now due to increased traffic—culverts are getting washed out and since this project will not be completed before school starts, school busses will also detour through these roads. He wondered if the Sheriff’s Department could temporarily limit the speed on these roads and Commissioner Lairmore said that is a slow process to enforce, as it has to be approved by the State of MO. Commissioner Lairmore also said the Road Department is prepared to keep those roads in good shape during this detour. MoDOT has already helped to fund that extra work. Mr. Hendon also wondered if the Commission would consider hard‑surfacing roads, even going so far as to say he would support a tax for that purpose. Commissioner Holland said the main problem with hard‑surfacing is funding. He said the Commission has tried to pass the use-tax many times to no avail and Commissioner Lairmore wondered if it was designated for Road Department use only, it might have a better chance of passing, if it could even be used for it.


General discussion

While looking through warrants to be paid for the week, Commissioner Holland had questions about a warranty paid out of UE fund. Deputy Clerk Lynn Kurrelmeyer said it was on the 2016 travel trailer purchased by EMD Kris Bayless to be used as a mobile command post, but that was all that was known about it.  He again stated his opposition to the purchase of the trailer.

The Commission received an invitation from legal counsel Ivan Schraeder's firm, for a seminar discussing the impact and implications related to passage of medical marijuana in MO. The invitation was passed onto Owensville Alderman Cathy Lahmeyer, who was present in session, as their city is dealing with those issues currently. Treasurer Mike Feagan congratulated Dr. Lahmeyer and her husband Tom, for receiving the Community Service award at this years' Gasconade County Fair.

The Commission asked what Sheriff John Romanus is doing about the shortage of vehicles. Deputy Kurrelmeyer said the County has budgeted for two vehicles and are now on order, with the help of an insurance settlement. These are used vehicles from another county.

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