HADH Auxiliary President Anne Althauser (left) addresses golfers and hospital supporters during the Annual Memorial Golf Tournament at at Loutre Shore Country Club, held last Friday afternoon. To the left of Althauser is Auxiliary scholarship winner Morgan LeBoube, Randy Blaske, Hospital Foundation member Gary Heldt and HADH Administrator Dan McKinney.

It was a beautiful Friday afternoon at Loutre Shore Country Club, where the Hermann Area District Hospital held their Annual Memorial Golf Tournament. This year, the event was in memory of Betty Bruns for her past service as a promoter and board member of HADH. Administrator Dan McKinney gave the welcome remarks and Auxiliary President Anne Althauser recognized Northwest Missouri State University nursing student Morgan LeBoube, third year recipient of the Auxiliary scholarship. Administrator McKinney said the four-year renewable scholarship is partially funded from the Annual Memorial Golf Tournament.

Hospital Foundation member Gary Heldt explained the function of the Foundation.

“We provide funds whenever the hospital needs those funds for capital improvements,” he explained. “We were happy to have contributed $1,500 this year for a down-payment on air conditioning units.”

He said the Foundation is independent of the HADH Board, and solely exists to raise funds for the hospital. Mr. Heldt then turned the microphone over to the first of two gentlemen who gave testaments to the competency and care of HADH staff (see sidebar).

Fourteen teams were entered in the tournament and the Auxiliary earned over $9,000.

Winners in the A Flight were First Bank taking the top spot, shooting 62, followed by Main-Reid-Morris in second with a 63 and third place was the team of Jenny and Sam Frank and Sarah Worley, shooting a 65.

The B Flight winner was Swayze-Gorake-Miller, shooting a 68, with Hall-Bumby-Holdener coming in second with a score of 68, as well, and GFI coming in third, shooting a 72.

Walking today

To round out the opening remarks before the tournament, Administrator McKinney invited two gentlemen to share testimonials of their care while at HADH.

Don Brandt slipped on the ice last January and broke his pelvis. He was sent to Mercy Hospital in St. Louis for his surgery. He said for a three day procedure and stay, he had surgery complications and wound up staying five months between Mercy and Kindred Hospital for transitional care, but continued to have problems. His wife and son got him back to Hermann to recuperate in HADH and said it was a “wonderful experience.”

“When I got there, it took five people to get me out of bed and within six months, they had me walking with a cane,” he shared. “I just can’t say enough about the wonderful care and the people at that hospital. They are the reason I’m able to walk today.”

Escaping last rights

Next, Randy Blaske shared his story about his experiences at HADH. He collapsed on stage with his band at the White Mule Winery, suffering from an bursted gall bladder. He was taken to Mercy Hospital in Washington where they pulled pieces of the organ from his chest cavity. He also suffered complications from surgery and was moved to Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Louis for five months. He received the last rights three times while trying to recuperate and was moved to Kindred Hospital where a basic procedure was not performed correctly and led to a septic situation, with the plan of moving to a nursing home to pass on. While in a serious condition, he was brought to HADH.

“I had ten bags hanging off of me collecting fluids,” he said. “Dr. Swayze, for whom I’m most grateful for—part of the Hermann staff—came in and evaluated me.”

He said Dr. Swayze adjusted his fluid collection regimen so that he could start taking solid food again.

“A month and a half later, I was home,” said Mr. Blaske.

He said it was a long recovery process, but without going to Hermann and getting that evaluation which reversed his health condition and getting simple humanitarian care like giving him baths and serving him something he was craving—a fried baloney sandwich, he was on the true road to recovery. He was so impressed with his good turn of fortune at HADH, that he married his girlfriend at the hospital.

He joked, saying, “ They’ve got an open menu, a wedding venue and super care, so thank God for HADH and thank you for supporting it.”

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