The Hermann High School (HHS) Future Farmers of America (FFA) Chapter Banquet was held last week at the school. Starting the evening with fried chicken, roast beef and mashed potatoes and gravy wasn’t a bad introduction to the awards ceremony to follow in the auditorium.

After the welcome from FFA President Michael Vedder, the chapter awarded Jessica Gloe and Schneider Farms an Honorary FFA degree, becoming distinguished service members.

Then, FFA Area 14 retiring state officer Madison Bader gave a state officer speech in the form of a challenge. She compared the four laps in a 1200 meter race to four years at HHS in FFA.

“In your senior year, you look back on all you’ve accomplished and you look towards everything you still want to do. You’ve been an officer, you’ve been on committees, you’ve done the contests and given those speeches. The thing is, when you take off that [FFA] jacket, there’s still an opportunity to make those laps count. You can be a volunteer, a donor, or simply cheer those in the organization on, that are still running their races. So, I ask you, ‘How are you going to make your four laps count in this organization and beyond?’”

Following Madison Bader’s speech were the Greenhand and Chapter Degree ceremonies, followed by Proficiency Award winners.

Agricultural Services - Michael Vedder (state participant)

Ag Repair and Maintenance - Michael Vedder

Beef Production - Allison Williman

Dairy-Entrepreneurship - Brady Vedder

Diversified Livestock - Megan Schneider (state participant)

Goat Production - Claire Heying (state participant)

Landscape Management - Cameron Michel

Nursery Operations - Carson Taylor (state participant)

Outdoor Recreation - Lance Bader (state participant)

Small Animal Production - Madison Coleman

Swine Production - Markus Eldringhoff

Veterinary Science - Madison Coleman (state participant)


Scholarship presentations were given by Jose Cruz, Emily Thompson, Hannah Bockting and Bob Bohl. 

Jose Cruz, with United Country Land and Lake Properties, had some pre-scholarship presentation remarks.  In speaking of the year’s leadership and successes, he said, “For this chapter, one word came to my mind—that’s “momentum.” “Mr. Ridder is probably the best example, because every summer, he tries to out-distance his competition. He thrives on it.”

Mr. Cruz said he has watched the progress of the chapter the past year, which began as Maddie Bader became a state officer.

“I watched how this Chapter—these advisors— took a shy young girl and transformed her into the confident leader and speaker that I listened to at the State Convention,” he shared.

Mr. Cruz said he marveled at the quality showings and more success in from Chapter members in district and state competitions. 

“It didn’t stop there,” he said. “After the State Convention, this chapter had not one, but two area officers selected—both with high-level positions as president and reporter. It continues here tonight, as we send some recurrent members on and welcome in the new leaders that will build upon that momentum we have.”

Those receiving scholarships were:

  • •United Country Land and Lake Properties - Michael Vedder
  • •Taylor Thompson memorial - Michael Vedder
  • •E. A. Bohl - Shey Mundwiller 
  • •William Harrison - Madison Feeler
  • •Wayne Wolfe - Allison Williman 
  • •Agco/Bockting Equipment -Madison Bader
  • •Gasconade County Fair - Abigail Krueger and Michael Vedder
  • The HHS FFA Chapter will have two new FFA Area 14 officers: Madison Coleman
  • serves as President and Megan Schneider will serve as Reporter. Primary officers for
  • the coming year will be President Megan Schneider, Vice-President Madison Coleman, 
  • Secretary Landyn Fries, Treasurer Elly Krueger, Reporter Emma Scheible, Sentinel 
  • Matthew Lampkin, Historian Ellie Englert, Chaplain Lance Bader and Parlieamentarian 
  • Hannah Bockting.

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