Hermann’s Caboose gets a new paint job

These volunteers worked overtime to paint the Hermann Caboose this past weekend.

Front row, from left, Tom Durham, Bruce Bowser and Paul Eubanks. Back row, Ray Hamm and Rene Kinsey.


The Caboose Committee and some volunteers worked overtime last weekend to prime and paint Hermann’s caboose car to complete Phase One of the project. Epoxy industrial primer and paint was brushed and rolled onto the new skin of the caboose, once the rust and grime had been sandblasted off the metal surface. A compressor/sprayer will be used on areas such as the steps and any other areas with a lot of surface area, to keep rust at bay.

Co-chairman Gary Leabman said, “Thanks to many volunteers and financial support we have brought the City of Hermann Caboose back to respectability.” “There’s more work to do both inside and out, but this is a day to feel proud.”

Phase Two of the project will be to get the interior of the caboose remodeled for a display about the importance of commercial hauling and passenger train service in Hermann’s history. Donations for Phase Two are now being accepted. For more information, call Gary Leabman at 314-280-9944.

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