Ray Scherer


Two of Hermann's bars say they have gone to special lengths to implement precautions for staff and customers due to the pandemic.


At Sharp's Corner Tavern, owner Sarah Hoelmer said use of a bleach solution for the bar has been one key in fighting off contagion concerns.


"The main thing is cleaning everything a lot more often," Hoelmer told the Advertiser-Courier of the new emphasis this year.


The wiping down attacks most everything else in the building besides the bar, including tables, napkin dispensers, and salt-and-pepper shakers. The bleach-and-water combination has been the primary weapon in sanitizing the facility.


"They all get wiped down frequently," she said of the the tavern's many features.


All of the walls at Sharp's Corner were vigorously scrubbed down in early spring. Handwashing has been stressed to employees, and hand sanitizer is also available. Pens have been sanitized for customers, and bar towels have been put into action even more than usual.


Hoelmer said a deep cleaning is being planned for the business this winter, most likely in January, when the tavern will shut down for the work and as a way to keep staff busy.


Renee Poulsen, co-manager at Hermann Crown Suites, said because of the virus, cleanliness has become a major priority.


"Typically, a lot of the time we'll do it right when we open, so it will stay fresh," Poulsen said of the cleaning procedures for the 1837 Cellar Bar.


She said the business decided to specifically invest in a disinfectant fogger because of COVID-19. Mist spewing out of the machine is designed to ensure maximum coverage.


"We spared no expense in safety….We sanitize everything," said Poulsen. All touch points -- door knobs and handles among them -- receive a wipe-down every two hours. Hand sanitizer is spread out across the property. All furniture gets routine Clorox-based treatments.


The Advertiser-Courier attempted to make contact with the managers and owners of other bars in the community in an effort to learn about their coronavirus-fighting techniques.