McKittrick man charged in propane fire assault

McKittrick man charged

in propane fire assault

Ray Scherer

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Department responded Monday, Dec. 21, to McKittrick on a report of an alleged domestic assault involving two people and a propane torch.

The sheriff's department said deputies were responding to the McKittrick area on the domestic assault call, and upon arrival learned the suspect had used a propane torch and burned the victim's arms, fingers, and hands during a dispute between the two. Minor injuries reportedly resulted from the attack.

The suspect was arrested and transported to the Montgomery County Jail in Montgomery City, pending charges for domestic assault, armed criminal action, and property damage, the sheriff's report stated.

Court records have identified the suspect in the case as Scott Michael Deberry, of McKittrick. Deberry remains in custody in the county jail, and is being held without bond. Records show he appeared in court via video link on Monday, Dec. 28, for a bond hearing. Judge Jason Lamb denied a motion requesting no bond, and ordered Deberry to appear before the court next Tuesday, Jan. 5, for a counsel status hearing. Deberry is seeking representation by a public defender.

According to probable cause statement filed with Montgomery County Associate Circuit Court, Montgomery County Sheriff's Deputy Brian Maskey said he responded to 306 Walnut St. in McKittrick at 1:38 a.m. on Dec. 21 for a domestic assault. The victim, identified only by the initials J.L.D. (AKA J.L.A.), was allegedly assaulted by Deberry, who had been a live-in roommate at the address for more than a month. Deberry lit the propane torch and burned the victim while yelling and causing a disturbance inside the residence, Maskey said.

The deputy said the victim showed him video security footage of the dispute. After the burns were inflicted, Deberry threw the torch, destroying a glass window in a bedroom. The probable cause indicated the victim is a female.

Deberry fled the residence, with Maskey locating him next door. He remains in the Montgomery County Jail and had a bond appearance hearing on Monday morning, court records indicated. He also faces felony jail property damage charges in Montgomery County from a previous case.