Owsley takes over interim seat on BOA

Ray Scherer


Pastor Rick Owsley began his service Monday night on the Hermann Board of Aldermen with enthusiasm for helping better the city.


City Clerk Patricia Heaney administered at the start of the board's regular meeting at City Hall. Owsley is fulfilling the unexpired Ward One Alderman's term vacated by the June 2 election of new Mayor Bruce Cox. He will serve in the seat until April 2021. Cox nominated Owsley for the seat earlier this month, a recommendation that was unanimously approved by the board.


Owsley has served as pastor for the St. Louis Bible Fellowship Church for nearly 23 years. He received a Master of Theology degree in 2005 from the St. Louis Theological Seminary. He is a member of the Class of 1974 at American Christian College in Tulsa, Okla., and graduated from Stanhope Elmore High School in his hometown of Millbrook, Ala., in 1970.


He has served with various organizations and boards -- including those that are church-related -- for 35 years. His wife, Fay, currently serves as Gasconade County Public Administrator. Owsley also noted that he has known Ward Two Alderman David Faerber for many years.


"I just think the opportunity I've had (prior board service), is going to help me with the issues," he said, adding he's honored to have been asked by Cox to serve on the BOA and has eagerness to work on the city's behalf. "I want to help Hermann be the type of city where everyone wants to raise their family and invite their guests."


Hermann City Administrator Mark Wallace provided a BOA instructional booklet to Owsley before the meeting.


"There's going to be a real learning curve," said Owsley in looking ahead to his responsibilities with the position.