Pork association responds to crisis

Last week, President Trump invoked the Defense Production Act (DPA) to extend much-needed federal support to the U.S. pork production system.


By triggering the DPA, the federal government will prioritize the continuity of pork processing plant operations. The Missouri Pork Association released the following statement:


“We appreciate the support from our federal, state and local government leaders. We are all working together to protect not only our people and our pigs, but the nation’s food supply as well. Uniform, consistent solutions and all available resources are needed to address this crisis. We thank President Trump for taking this step.


“We must stabilize the current plant capacity challenge and overcome other major hurdles facing the nation’s pork production system. Hog values have plummeted, and hog farmers are facing liquidation of their farms without immediate relief, including expanded financial aid without payment limitations.


“Getting pork packing plants back online is the priority. However, the tragic reality is that millions of hogs may not enter the food supply and if we must euthanize pigs we have to do so in an orderly, ethical and safe way. Bottom line, we need coordinated partnerships between the industry and federal, state and local authorities to deal with that possibility and most importantly keep our plants open. “